About Dual Bangalore Service

We Provide Pest Management House Cleaning Service And Painting Services.

Dual Bangalore Service is environmentally responsible and committed to providing consumers with highest possible service. Dual Bangalore service benefit is one of the main bug control specialist co-op fundamentally into termite and cockroach. We take pride in giving quality bug control benefit against cockroaches,termite and silverfish among others.

Best pest control services in Bangalore Cockroach service Gel in Kitchen And Combed and ward rooms, Spray in bathroom and all the rooms It’s totally Odorless Hassle Free and Herbal Solution for Elders, Kids No need to vacate home, or remove any furniture out of ur home it Long lasting and a highly effective it the spray covers Redant, Blockant, Spider, lizard only guarantee for cockroach service its for one time the chemical effect will be up to 3to4 months.

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